Virtual Tour


Enter Google Street Map view to join the virtual tour of Bodzentyn.

The Google Street Map starts on the location of the Jewish cemetery in Bodzentyn (see the small road on the left leading to the top hill). Use the arrows to turn back left and continue towards the city centre via Kielce street.

If you rather start closer to the city centre, choose the second map. The starting point is Kielce Street No. 13, and if you continue straight forward you will reach the Lower Market, Rynek Dolny.


Click on the photo to open the virtual tour of the town squares of Bodzentyn.

The Upper Market (Rynek Górny) dates from the 14th century and the Lower Market (Rynek Dolny) dates from the 19th century. From Rynek Dolny the roads run to Kielce, Skarżysko-Kamienna, and Starachowice.

Learn about historical events on Rynek Dolny

Your need Adobe Flash to run the virtual tour.


The official website of Bodzentyn offers information and photos about current events.

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