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Goldie Szachter Kalib

Goldie Szachter Kalib was born into a well-to-do family. In her book The Last Selection – A Child’s Journey Through the Holocaust she account a rare portrait of Jewish life in Bodzentyn.

For some time during Nazi occupation Goldie was placed in hiding with a family of Polish Christians, but eventually she rejoined her parents and siblings at the labor camp in Starachowice. Nine months later, in July 1944, she and her entire family were transported to Auschwitz. From there 13-year old Goldie endured the notorious death march to Bergen-Belsen, where later, British forces liberated her. Goldie Szachter, her sisters Irka and Rachela, her Uncle Leib’l, and her cousin Rivtche Ehrlich survived. Her parents, two brothers, and twenty-four other members of her extended family perished in the Holocaust.

In 2009 Dorota and Artur Anyż directed a play based on a Polish version of the book.

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