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Communal Organization

The Jewish population of Bodzentyn formed a community within a community. The communal organization consisted of eight members, a chairman, a secretary and an administrative committee.

The elected members of the board were charged with overall responsibility for tending to all Jewish communal needs, such as providing personal to maintain the synagogue and the ritual bathhouse, mikveh. They were also responsible of keeping records of the Jewish population and to promote education and when circumstances demanded, the communal organization represented the Jewish community at the offices of the city police and mayor.

The Jewish community Council of Bodzentyn. Here, they may be seen during a discussion on the forthcoming war. From the left: Icek Szafir, and next to him the Rabbi of Bodzentyn (most probably Herszka Szwarc or Henry Schwartz), followed by Meir Grossman (Morris Grossman) and Nus’n Szachter who was formerly secretary of the organization. The two men at the far right have not yet been identified. It is thought that one of them is Shmiel Wajntraub (Samuel Weintraub).
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