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Introduction The Diary A Comparative Study
Introduction to The Diary of Dawid Rubinowicz

Dawid Rubinowicz began writing a diary 21 March 1940 in Krajno. At some point during the time of the open ghetto of Bodzentyn, Dawid left his diary in at least five copybooks with his Polish next-door neighbor and friend, Tadeusz Waciński. Later on they were passed on, together with other school belongings, to Antoni Waciński. The diary remained at his house for 15 years. The house was rented by Krystyna and Stefan Rachtan. Krystyna's father and mother, Helena and Artemiusz Wołczyk, who lived near by often paid the family visits. In 1957, when the owner came to clean the attic, they found the Diary. Coming into possession of the diary Artemiusz and Helena started to read it out over the local radio broadcasting system. A few years later a journalist by the name Maria Jarochowska was introduced to the diary. In 1960 she arranged for it to be published.

The Diary of Dawid Rubinowicz is known to be one of the most touching testimonies of the fate of Jewish children during the Holocaust. Writing down his thoughts and observations in short and direct notes in his schoolbook, 13-year-old Dawid Rubinowicz gives an insight of the fears for the Jews during the Nazi occupation of Poland. Since the first edition was published in 1960, the Diary has been translated into a number of languages.
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In the time of the Nazi occupation the Jews of Bodzentyn were restricted to a ghetto district. Dawid Rubinowicz and his family resided with relatives at 13 Kielce Street. The house is gone but today some of the neighboring houses still stand. The house was located in the courtyard where there is now a house with a flat roof.
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